A Comparative Study of Clinical and Angiographic Profile in Acute Coronary Syndrome in Age Group of Below and Above 40 Yrs in South Indian People


  • Basavaraj B. Sutar1 , Rajiv S Menon2 , Bivin Wilson3 , P.I.S Chakrawarthi4




STEMI, ACS, Novel risk factors, HsCRP, Lipoprotien(a), Homocysteine, CAG


Objective: The purpose of the present study was to assess the frequency, risk factors, presenting symptoms,

treatment in-hospital outcomes of young and older ACS patients.

Method: The study had 654 patients presented with the first episode of ACS were analysed in aged below

40 years and over 40 years treated in Cardiology dept.

Results: Out of 654 cases of ACS patients, unstable anginas were 94 cases, STEMI cases were 427 and

NSTEMI cases were 133. Out of 654 ACS cases, 65 cases were below 40 years and 589 cases were above

40 years. STEMI was most common in younger age (93.8%) than older age (62.1%). Overall most common

symptom was chest pain which was equally distributed in both age. Smoking in younger age group was

64.4%. A family history of CAD in younger age was 35.6%. Lipoprotein (a) level was higher in younger age

and hsCRP levels were higher in older age. Overall SVD of LAD was more common in younger age than

older age. RCA was commonly involved in older age. In all ACS patients, Minor CAD was common and

TVD was least common in younger age. In the older age, two vessels CAD was common.

Conclusion: ACS common in male than female. Most common symptom was breathlessness. Lipoprotein

(a) was higher in younger, hsCRP was higher in older age.

Author Biography

Basavaraj B. Sutar1 , Rajiv S Menon2 , Bivin Wilson3 , P.I.S Chakrawarthi4

Cardiology Trainee, GKNM Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 2 Medical Student), Coimbatore Medical college,

Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, 3 Interventional cardiologist, GKNM hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, 4 Senior Interventional cardiologist, GKNM hospital, Coimbatore