Comparison Study of Lignocaine-Bupivacaine with Normal Saline and Lignocaine-Bupivacaine Along with Fentanyl in Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block in Mid Arm Surgeries


  • Isha Yadav



Fentanyl, lignocaine, bupivacaine, brachial plexus, mid arm surgeries.


Background and Objective: brachial plexus block by supraclavicular approach achieve good motor, sensory

& sympathetic blocked in mid arm surgeries. Several adjuvants have been added to enhance effect of local

anaesthetic agent in peripheral nerve block. We performed a prospective randomized study to compare

lignocaine-bupivacaine with normal saline and lignocaine-bupivacaine along with fentanyl for onset, quality

& duration of block as well as post-operative analgesia.

Method: Randomized controlled study was carried act among 50 patients of either sex aged 20-50 asa grade

1 & 2 undergoing mid arm surgeries. patient was randomly divided in two groups. Group 1: 20ml of 0.5%

bupivacaine + 10ml of 2% lignocaine + 1 ml of normal saline Group 2: 20ml of 0.5% bupivacaine + 10ml

of 2% lignocaine + 1 ml of fentanyl (50 mcg)

Time taken for onset of sensory & motor as well as complete duration of block were noted in both groups.

Any complication during procedure during surgery as well as post operatively were noted & treated.

Result: Addition of fentanyl (50 mcg) to bupivacaine + lignocaine in peripheral nerve block cause early

onset for sensory block.

Mean duration of sensory blockade 440+/-62 in group 1 while 635+/-84 in group 2. mean duration of

analgesia 400+/-68 in group1 while 685+/-90 in group 2

It suggests that duration of sensory block and analgesia was prolonged in group 2

Conclusion: The addition of small-dose fentanyl to lignocaine solution in brachial plexus block can increase

the success rate and prolong the duration of analgesia, [16]with early onset time of sensory blockade as

compared with that achieved by the same doses of local anaesthetics used in combination.

Author Biography

Isha Yadav

Assistant Professor, Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur, UP