Social issues and Gerontological Health Changes among Elderly Population: A Review Study


  • Sartaj Ahmad1 , Mohammad Azharuddin2,Mohammad Aqil3



Elderly, Social Problems, Health Problems, Solution of Problems.


India’s aging population is gradually increasing day by day. The elderly population faces multiple problems

such as social, medical and psychological. There is a need to change social-life style for healthy ageing by

increasing awareness and utilization of geriatric welfare schemes as well as accessibility to government

health services for the elderly. The major needs of elderly were found to be economic dependence, ignorance

to their advice, sad attitude towards life, loneliness, distant government health facilities and lack of awareness

as well as utilization of geriatric welfare services. Therefore, it is required to recognize these problems and

carry out regular IEC activities to increase the awareness for more utilization of geriatric welfare services.

Further research, especially qualitative research, is needed to explore the depth of the problems of the


Author Biography

Sartaj Ahmad1 , Mohammad Azharuddin2,Mohammad Aqil3

1 Associate Professor , Medical Sociology, Swami Vivekananda Subharti University Meerut UP, 2 Private

Practitioner in Dentistry and Dental Surgeon Khurja, Distt Buland Shahar UP, 3 General Physician, Private

Practitioner Khurja, Distt Buland Shahar UP