Knowledge of Bronchial Asthma Management among PHC Physicians in Qassim Region


  • Tamim Rashed Al Qazlan1 , K.Chandra Sekhar2



Age, PHC Physicians, FM Residents, Bronchial asthma knowledge.


Background: Asthma is a major but remediable global health problem. The prevalence of asthma in Saudi

Arabian adults is 4.05 % and 8% - 25% in Saudi children. Most of the bronchial asthma care is provided

by primary health care (PHC) physicians. Thus, the knowledge of the systemic nature of the disease of

these physicians should be assessed. Objectives: To evaluate the theoretical knowledge of bronchial asthma

management of primary health care physicians and family medicine residents in ArRass, Unayzah and

Buraydah city. Methodology: A crosssectional study was conducted among PHCCs physicians of the largest

three cities of Qassim region including FM residents’ level 2 and 4. A self-administered questionnaire updated

and redesigned according to SINA guidelines was used to evaluate theoretical knowledge of Bronchial

asthma. Scoring was established and collected data was analysed and necessary statistical tests were applied.

Results: Females physicians were 50.6% and 53% of the physicians were worked in Buraydah. 63% of the

study participants from General practitioners and only 5.9% of them have good knowledge in managing BA.

67.9% of the males had poor knowledge compare to females approximately 32.1%. The knowledge of the

residents was better than that of the PHC physicians. Conclusions: Based on study results, in general the

knowledge of bronchial asthma management was little less than an expected general practitioner knowledge

should have.

Author Biography

Tamim Rashed Al Qazlan1 , K.Chandra Sekhar2

R4 Resident, SBFM Academy, Qassim Province, Saudi Arabia, 2 Professor & Trainer at SBFM Academy,

Qassim Province, Saudi Arabia