Knowledge and Practices Regarding Biomedical Waste Management among Health Care Workers of Tertiary Care Hospitals of Meerut, U.P.


  • Rijul Ranjan1 , Pawan Parashar2 , Varsha Chaudhary3 , Arvind Shukla4



Biomedical waste management, hospital, medical professionals


Background: The biomedical waste management and handling rules have been notified in 1998. The rules

were amended twice in 2000, primarily to address administrative matters. The rule makes it mandatory for

the health care establishments to segregate, disinfect and dispose their waste in an eco-friendly manner.

An important pre-requisite and key to successful waste management program is segregation which is the

separation of different types of waste as per treatment and disposal option. Segregation and collection of

various categories of waste should be done at the source, in separate containers so that each category is

treated in a suitable manner to render it harmless. For waste management to be effective, the waste should

be managed at every step, from acquisition to disposal.1

Material & Method: Across-sectional study was conducted from January-December 2016 among HCWs

of tertiary-care hospitals of Meerut. Simple random sampling was used for the selection of hospitals. Data

was analyzed using SPSS-19 and Chi-square test.

Findings: 96.2% of HCWs had correct knowledge and practice related to category-1,8 BMW, 70-80%

HCWs had correct knowledge and practices for category-2,3,4,5,9,10.Categories 6,7 knowledge (86.9%)

and correct practice (87.9%). HCWs (67.5%) having correct knowledge regarding point of segregation of

BMW and practice, 21.0% of the HCWs who had incorrect knowledge and practice.

Conclusion: The knowledge regarding BMW was found to be satisfactory in all the HCWs except for IV

class workers. Similarly practices regarding BMW were also found to be satisfactory in all the HCWs but

lower for IV class workers.

Author Biography

Rijul Ranjan1 , Pawan Parashar2 , Varsha Chaudhary3 , Arvind Shukla4

1Junior Resident III, 2 Professor, 3 Associate Professor, 4 Assistant Professor (Biostatistics),

Subharti Medical College, Meerut, U.P