Comparison of the Effects of Different Physical Exercise Programs on the Functional Capacity of Patients with Heart Failure


  • Agung Wahyu Permadi1 , Soetanto Hartono2 , Endang Sri Wahjuni



functional capacity, heart failure physical exercise program, stationary bicycle, tai-Chi, treadmill


This study aims to compare the effects of Tai-Chi, treadmill, and stationary bicycle exercises on the capacity
of heart function in patients with heart failure. The study was conducted at the outpatient clinic specific for
Integrated Heart Service for 12 weeks. The research subjects included 40 respondents. Group 1 was given
Tai-Chi exercise, group 2 was given treadmill exercise, group 3 was given stationary bicycle exercise, and
group 4 was set as the control group. The finding show that all treatment groups had the same effect on the
capacity of heart function (p<0.05). However, there was one group receiving the most influential effect
compared to the other treatment groups, namely the Tai-Chi exercise group, with a value of p = 0.000. Based
on the results of data analysis, it can be concluded that Tai-Chi exercise has a more significant effect on heart
function capacity than treadmills and stationary bicycle exercises.