Study of Efficacy and Safety of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Combined Withmicroneedling on Acne Scars


  • Harmeet Kaur1 , Sachin Agarwal2 , Amarjeet Singh3 , Akhil Kumar Singh 4 , Sagar5 , Parth6



acne ,comedones, derambrasion, micorneedling.


Background: - Acne Vulgaris is an extremely common disorder.More than ninety percent of the patients
with acne vulgaris suffer scarring leading topsychological impact and cosmetic disfigurement after healing
of their acne lesions.Atrophic acne scars are more common and difficult to treat .These can be sub-classified
into icepick, rolling and box car depending on theirwidth, depth and shape. Microneedling device performs
acne scar remodelling viacollagen induction therapy. Autologous platelet-rich plasma therapy combined
withmicroneedling is a new adjuvant treatment modality of the wound healing cascadebased on the body
self-healing mechanisms.
Objective-: Assesment of safety and efficacy ofautologus platelet rich plasma therapy combined with
microneedling on atrophic acne scars.
Methods: 46 patients with acne scars of 18-25 years age group underwentthree consecutive sittings of
microneedling combined with PRP procedure, conducted at an interval of 4 weeks followed by a last
assessment done after 3 months of final sitting.
The lesions were classified on Goodman’s qualitative scale and serial photography.
Results: Two independent dermatologists performed evaluation and follow up at subsequent visits. Majority
(34) patients with good response (improvement by Grade 1) constituting to (73.91%) in total. There was an
overall improvement in 86.9% of cases without any serious complications.
Conclusion: - Autologus PRP combined with Microneedling is an effective modality in enhancing clinical
outcomes and overall cosmetic appearence of acne scars.

Author Biography

Harmeet Kaur1 , Sachin Agarwal2 , Amarjeet Singh3 , Akhil Kumar Singh 4 , Sagar5 , Parth6

Post graduate, 2
Professor, 3
Asisstant Professor, Department of Dermatology, 4
Associate Professor, Department of
Dermatology, Sarawathi institute of Medical Sciences Hapur(U.P)