Concurrent Nasal Surgery with Mastoidectomy in Adults


  • Abhay Kumar Singh1 , Himani Singh2 , Harsimrat Singh3



Central Perforation, Hearing Improvement, Mastoidectomy, Septoplasty, Tubotympanic CSOM


Objective: To compare our findings with published success rates for mastoidectomy performed with
concurrent nasal surgery
Materials and Method: The study was conducted from May 2017 – September 2019 in the E.N.T department
of Saraswathi Institute of Medical Sciences, Hapur. We retrospectively reviewed 35 consecutively presenting
patients who had undergone concurrent septoplasty and mastoidectomy with or without ossicular chain
reconstruction. . The study consist of patients ranged in age from 18 to 50 years and were followed up for 1
- 24 months. Surgical success was defined as presence of an intact TM graft ,well epithelized mastoid cavity
without any evidence of middle ear effusion .
Results: Our 2 primary finding – graft survival rate of 91.42% and an overall surgical success rate of 77.1
% compare favourably with the results of other studies of outcomes of isolated mastoidectomies. Our data
indicates that simultaneous performance of nasal surgery and mastoidectomy is feasible in adults. Nasal
packing has got short term effect on ET dysfunction but rarely severe enough to cause symptoms or middle
ear effusion. Concurrent approach is useful in TM graft survival or mastoid cavity epithelisation in long
term overall surgical treatment success. The concurrent approach requires only single time administration
of general anaesthesia, cost effective treatment, improved overall symptomatic relief from nasal and ear

Author Biography

Abhay Kumar Singh1 , Himani Singh2 , Harsimrat Singh3

Assistant Professor, 2
Post Graduate, 3
Senior Resident , Department of ENT Saraswathi Institute of Medical
Sciences Hapur (U.P)