A Comparative Study of Continuous Versus Interrupted Suturing of Episiotomy


  • Alka Garg
  • Navneet Garg
  • Manish Agrawal
  • Nikita Garg




Episiotomy repair, continuous suturing, interrupted suturing.


The role of convention repair of episiotomy has come under scrutiny in recent years.This procedure has now
been modified from interrupted suturing earlier to continuous stitching of episiotomy.
Aim &objectives :-This study was done to evaluate the patient comfort & post-op complications between
conventional repair & continuous repair of episiotomy .
Methodology:-This prospective study was conducted in the department of Gyne & obstr of Rama medical
college, Hapur from July 2018 to June 2019 on 200 patients who were randomly divided into two groups
of 100 patients each . In Group A (study group), episiotomy repair was performed by continuous stitching &
group B underwent conventional interrupted suturing repair. Post operatively the efficacy of both procedures
analysed on the basis of outcome in form of pain & other complications.
Result :- Majority of patients of episiotomy were in age group of 18 to 26 years. Mean gestational period
was 38.4+0.6 & 38.4+0.5 for the study & control group. The mean suturing time was also significantly
shorter for study group.Pain score was significantly less after 48 hrs. Resumption of sexual activity was
significantly shorter in study group.
Conclusion :- The success rate was significantly better in continuous repair group in the form of less
procedure time, suture material , postpartum pain & early resumption of sexual activity

Author Biographies

Alka Garg

1Associate Professor, Department of Obst. & Gynecology, Rama Medical College, Hapur

Navneet Garg

Professor, Department
of Surgery, Rama Medical College, Hapur,

Manish Agrawal

Professor& Head, Department of Paediatrics,Saraswathi Medical
College, Hapur,

Nikita Garg

Junior Resident, Department of Obst. & Gynecology, LLRM Medical College, Meerut