Psychosocial Factors Associated with Patients with OCD


  • Devika Raje1 , Vikas Punia1 , Nandha Kumara Pujam S.2



Psychological Factors, Coping Style, Social Support, Interpersonal Behaviour and OCD


Background: Obsessive compulsive disorder is a disabling condition characterized by intrusive thoughts
which are intrusive, recurrent and distressing in nature, leading to repetitive compulsive mental and physical
acts. There are number of factors which play a significant role in OCD such as behavioral, cognitive,
environmental and psychosocial factors. Keeping this in view the present study aims to explore the social
support, coping and interpersonal behavior among the patients with Obsessive-Compulsive disorder.
Methodology: A sample of 30 patients with OCD and 30 normal control matched on age, education and
socio-economic status for which purposive sampling method was used. A Social Support Inventory to
explore the perceived social support, Coping Style Questionnaire and Interpersonal Relationship Scale was
administered on both the groups.
Results: Result indicated that the group of patients with Obsessive- Compulsive disorder scored high on
emotional coping and avoidant coping, score less on perceived social support and express less empathy
as compared to normal controls. Results also revealed that emotional coping and self- disclosure are the
predictors of OCD. On the basis of results of present study, it can be concluded that, Patients with OCD
had poor coping, social support and perceived social support as compared to normal controls. The possible
implication of the present study could be that Interpersonal behavior is associated with patient’s social
interaction so future intervention should investigate social cognition, interpersonal effectiveness therapy and
training for resilience

Author Biography

Devika Raje1 , Vikas Punia1 , Nandha Kumara Pujam S.2

Assistant Professor, 1Associate Professor & Head, Department of Clinical Psychology,
Faculty of Behavioral Sciences, Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary University, Gurugram



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Devika Raje1 , Vikas Punia1 , Nandha Kumara Pujam S.2. (2020). Psychosocial Factors Associated with Patients with OCD. International Journal of Physiology, 8(4), 11-15.