Effect of Electromagnetic Waves Emitted from Mobile Phone on Cognitive Functions in Males and Females


  • K. Singh1 , Ashita Nain2




Mobile phone, Electro-magnetic waves, Cognitive functions, Gender.


Aims and Objectives: Use of mobile phones always raises the issue of health implications in humans.
Gender differences in cognitive abilities have been reported as a neuropsychological feature for many years.
So, it was planned to study the effect of electromagnetic waves (EMW) emitted from mobile phone (MP) on
cognitive functions in males and females.
Material and Method: The present study was conducted in 20 males and 20 female healthy subjects in the
age group of 18 to 40 years using mobile phones for the last 5 years or more with per day exposure of at least
30 minutes or more. Subjects with history of diseases of ear, eye and brain (neurological and psychological)
or the presence of diabetes, hypertension and consumption of any drug were excluded.
After explaining the whole procedure and seeking a written consent, the Trail making test A (TMT A), Trail
making test B (TMT B) and TMT A + TMT B, Single letter cancellation test (SLC test) and the Playing card
test (PC test) were performed before and after exposure to MP. Subjects were exposed to MP GSM Type,
Samsung Model GT- N 7100, 902, MHz, SAR limit 2.0W/Kg, average power emitted 0.125 - o.25W/cm2
for a period of 10 minutes. Statistical analysis was done by statistic package SPSS 20 using paired t test. A
value of p<0.05 was considered significant.
Results: TMT A time (sec) was reduced in both males and females, but significant reduction was seen in
females (< 0.05) after exposure to MP. On the contrary, on exposure to MP TMT B time (sec) was found
to be reduced significantly in males (< 0.05). But when both (TMT A + TMT B) are combined, significant
reduction (< 0.05) was found in both males and females after exposure to EMW compare to pre -exposure
value. On single letter cancellation test, time is decreased (< 0.05) in males, while score decreased (< 0.05)
in female after MP use. Playing card test score was also found to be reduced (< 0.05) in males without any
effect in female after exposure to MP.
Conclusion: The cognitive functions in males and females are affected differentially by the EMW emitted
from MP.

Author Biography

K. Singh1 , Ashita Nain2

1Professor, 2Resident, Department of Physiology, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (PGIMS),
University of Health Sciences Rohtak (UHSR), Rohtak-124001, Haryana, India



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K. Singh1 , Ashita Nain2. (2020). Effect of Electromagnetic Waves Emitted from Mobile Phone on Cognitive Functions in Males and Females. International Journal of Physiology, 8(4), 26-30. https://doi.org/10.37506/ijop.v8i4.1704