Assessment of Learning Outcomes Using Team Based Learning


  • Abuzer Abdalla1 , Syed Sadat Ali3 , Danish Anwer2



Learning-outcomes, TBL, Logic Model, Assessment, Peer feedback, iRAT, tRAT


Background and Objectives: Team-based learning (TBL) is composed of pre-class self-study, readiness
assessment tests individually (iRAT) followed by readiness assessment tests in the team (tRAT), and peer
feed evaluation. TBL was implemented in the course of General Embryology for the 2nd year medical
students at the Faculty of Medicine, Jazan University (FMJU), KSA, in the Male and Female Sections
through the years 2015-2019. This study aims to analyze this experience in two aspects: whether it was
implemented accurately maintain unifromity, and whether it achieved the planned outcomes.
Method: TBL implementation at FMJU was calibrated against a Logic Model for TBL implementation.
Data was obtained from records of students including the number of students, attendance, exam marks, and
peer feedback. Description of facilities and faculty was also included.
Results: TBL components were applied; multi-disciplinary faculty was involved and an electronic exam
replaced paper exam in iRAT, indicating the possibility of improvement. The student shows a high percentage
of attendance, high marks in the tRAT compared to tRAT and traditional exams, and high opinion about
participation in teamwork.
Conclusion: We concluded that TBL implementation was successful in-process and fulfill the intended

Author Biography

Abuzer Abdalla1 , Syed Sadat Ali3 , Danish Anwer2

Lecturer, 2Assisstant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Jazan University, Jazan, Saudi
Arabia, 3
Associate Professor, Department of Physiology, Gujarat Adani Institute of Medical Sciences, KSKV
Kachchh University, Bhuj-01, Gujarat



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Abuzer Abdalla1 , Syed Sadat Ali3 , Danish Anwer2. (2020). Assessment of Learning Outcomes Using Team Based Learning. International Journal of Physiology, 8(4), 99-104.