Changes in the Polysomnographic Measures in Patients of Chronic Insomnia on Drug Therapy Vs Mindful Awareness


  • Shweta Kanchan
  • B.D Singh
  • Gautam Swaroop
  • Gynendra Kumar



Insomnia, Pharmacotherapy, Relaxation Therapy, Mindful awareness.


Background:- Modern day 24*7 lifestyle is witnessing an increase in people with insomnia like never
before. The deep and restoring sleep like a baby seems to have vanished from our hectic lifestyles ,and
sleep disorders like insomnia have crept in involving people across all ages and sections of society. In the
given scenario it remains a matter of concern that most primary physicians are not trained in the various
modalities which could be used for the treatment of insomnia. In the absence of required knowledge in
insomnia management hypnotic medication remain the preferred treatment for insomnia . The present study
was undertaken with a view to study the effectiveness of mindfulness based relaxation therapy vs hypnotic
medication for the treatment of insomnia.
Methods :- A cross sectional study was conducted on 100 patients suffering from insomnia in two groups,
pharmacotherapy (PCT) group and Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) group. MBSR a program
of mindfulness meditation training consisting of one hour long class daily which includes training in
progressive muscular exercises, breathing exercises, standing, sitting and walking meditations. Home
practice expectations were 30 minutes of medication per day and following an attitude of mindfulness
through out the day during the four week follow.
Result :- The study showed comparable results on all sleep parameters for both groups. There was a
significant increase in total sleep time in both groups, the increase was more with drug group compare to
the MBSR group.
Conclusion :- While the time commitment associated with participating in and practicing a behavioral
intervention such as MBSR is more than with medication, our results suggest that this is not a deterrent to
most of our participants. Given patient preferences, the side effects of pharmacotherapy, evidence of the
efficacy of MBSR and the potential positive benefits of meditation that go beyond management of insomnia

Author Biographies

Shweta Kanchan

Post MD PhD Scholar Department of Physiology KGMC Lucknow

B.D Singh

HOD Department of Physiology MLB
Medical College Jhansi

Gautam Swaroop

Consultant Cardiologist Sahara Hospital Lucknow

Gynendra Kumar

HOD Department of Psychiatry MLB
Medical College Jhansi



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Kanchan, S. ., Singh, B. ., Swaroop, G. ., & Kumar, G. . (2021). Changes in the Polysomnographic Measures in Patients of Chronic Insomnia on Drug Therapy Vs Mindful Awareness. International Journal of Physiology, 9(1), 42-48.