Structural Transformation and Learning Paradigms-Global Strategic Approach in Clinical Legal Education

  • Shefali Raizada1, J.K. Mittal2
Keywords: Clinical legal education, Global, professional skills, technological revolution, neo liberalization, digitalization.


Technological changes have profound impact on all the existing system and surroundings. .Digitalization
has brought the transformation in all the routine activities and the way to earn, learn, shop and play. In a
collective way production and contours of work are being changed, vis a vis social and political actions, in
the forms of rules, regulations and policies, are determined to unfold the future.
To view clinical legal education from global perspective, it is a movement with objective to educate lawyers
for social justice. This area of law education is most influential across the world. If common essential
elements are followed throughout the globe, it may transform legal education into justice education in real
sense and can contribute to future growth. When everything is within the ambit of globe, it is time to develop
professional skills and experiential teaching method to promote new concepts of greater global relevance
and impact.
With the change of global trends and merging national boundaries, goals of clinical movement is also
changing, consisting of three aspects – increasing access to justice, training future lawyers in professional
skills and values and promoting a more diverse skilled legal profession committed to serving social needs.
There is need to have global network and to support emerging global concept with clinical movement with
the capacity to stimulate contribution and interest in clinical legal education far beyond the capacity of any
group of individual clinical expertise.

Author Biography

Shefali Raizada1, J.K. Mittal2

1Ph.D. Scholar (Law), 2Professor Emeritus, Law (Ph.D. Guide) Amity Law School, Amity University, Noida

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