Autism Spectrum Disorder: Review Article


  • Wafaa Abdulmutalib Naji1, Mohammed Qasim Waheeb2, Duaa Hamad Hamza3



Autism, disorder, spectrum, amygdala, brain


Autism is a lifelong neuro developmental condition. It is characterised by differences in behavior, social
interaction, communication, special interests and sensory processing. These differences can present people
on the autism spectrum with challenges in how they interact with their environment.
Some people on the autism spectrum may behave in non-typical ways, often in response to the different
ways in which they experience their environment. Such behaviors are generally a way to communicate their
feelings or to adapt to a situation, or may result from their heightened sensitivity to a sound or something
they have seen or felt.
The researchers suggest that genes and environment play important roles in the causing of ASD. A more recent
study examined the cell structure, size, and shape of the brains of individuals with ASD, they demonstrated
that different brain regions showed these differences more profoundly than others. The amygdala is therefore
proposed to be one of several neural regions that are abnormal in autism, and may associated with other
neurodisorders. There are several types of ASD according to the development of disease. While there is
no single best treatment for ASD. There are association between the child’s diet and severity or frequency
of symptomatology; especially vitamin D, calcium, potassium, pantothenic and choline may persist in a
significant percentage of patients. Types of playing are very successful and designing appropriate play
opportunities for children with ASD need to be the primary concerns for educators, clinicians, and parents.

Author Biography

Wafaa Abdulmutalib Naji1, Mohammed Qasim Waheeb2, Duaa Hamad Hamza3

1Lecturer, 2Assistant Professor, 3Lecturer, Department of Biology, College of Science, Al Muthanna University,
AL-Muthanna, Iraq



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Wafaa Abdulmutalib Naji1, Mohammed Qasim Waheeb2, Duaa Hamad Hamza3. (2020). Autism Spectrum Disorder: Review Article. Medico Legal Update, 20(2), 320-325.

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