Awareness of Physiotherapy Intervention in CA-breast

  • Ankita A. Jadhav1, Suraj B. Kanase2, G. Varadharajulu3, Sanjaykumar Patil4, Vaishalijagtap5
Keywords: Ca-Breast, Physiotherapy, Awareness, rehabilitation.


Introduction: Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats and works to prevent
diseases and disability. Physiotherapy is a part of primary health care system. Every person has right to access
to primary health care services. Physiotherapy has an important role in various illness and disorders but
people are less aware about its benefits. Amongst these various diseases one is breast cancer. Physiotherapy
has important role in treating the complications of Ca-breast. However there is limited research available on
awareness of Physiotherapy intervention on post-operative Ca-Breast.
Objective: To find the awareness of physiotherapy intervention in post-operative CA-Breast.
To find awareness of Physiotherapy among Doctors.
To find out the number of post-operative Ca-Breast subjects referred to Physiotherapy.
To find the awareness of Physiotherapy intervention in post-operative Ca-Breast among medical doctors.
Material and Methodology: Total 120 doctors were included in survey. The questionnaire were self- devised
pre validated. A survey were conducted with clinical doctors. Questions were closed ended to prevent any
statistical error.
Result: In this survey we found that there are 50 percent doctors who are aware about physiotherapy and 50
percent are aware about physiotherapy intervention in individuals with Ca-breast.
Conclusion: The study on Awareness of Various Aspects of Physiotherapy among Medical Residents. In this
study identified a need for physiotherapists to educate medical residents about various fields of physiotherapy
like community based rehabilitation and industrial health physiotherapy, their extensive role in each of the
specialty, treatment modalities and evaluative procedures through continuing education programs.

Author Biography

Ankita A. Jadhav1, Suraj B. Kanase2, G. Varadharajulu3, Sanjaykumar Patil4, Vaishalijagtap5

1II Year MPT, 2Associate Professor, Faculty of Physiotherapy, 3Dean, Faculty of Physiotherapy, 4Professor,
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 5Assistant Professor, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Krishna College of
Physiotherapy, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed to be University, Karad, Maharashtra 415110

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