Primary Women Infertility and Thyroid Disorders

  • Madha Mohammed Saleh1, Ola Abbas Khdhair2, Amina Salman Ali3
Keywords: Infertility, Thyroid disorders, TPO, IL-6, menstrual cycle.


The study was conducted to explore the prevalence of thyroid autoimmune disorders among primary
infertile women. Hormonal and immunological serum markers were tested including: TSH, T3, T4, TPO Ab,
prolactin and Interleukin-6. Thyroid abnormalities were observed in 38.5% of the primary infertile women.
Thyroid autoimmunity was more prevalent among primary infertile women (9.6%) than pregnant (4.0%)
and non-pregnant (4.3%) fertile women, but with no significant difference. Presence of thyroid hormones
related clinical manifestation in infertile women was higher (26.9%) in comparison to pregnant fertile
women and non-pregnant fertile groups. Abnormalities in menstrual cycles were much higher in infertile
women (90.4%) than non-pregnant fertile women (27.7%). Serum level of IL-6 was with no significant
differences among all study groups. In conclusion, AITD has a minor participation in the thyroid disorder–
associated infertility and their menstrual abnormalities in comparison with the larger scale of the non-AITD
participation. No role for the IL-6 in the thyroid associated primary infertility in women was detected.

Author Biography

Madha Mohammed Saleh1, Ola Abbas Khdhair2, Amina Salman Ali3

1Assistant Professor in Immunology, College of Health and Medical Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 2M.Sc. in
Immunology, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques, Al-Mustaqbal University College,
Babylon, Iraq, 3M.Sc., Researcher in Microbiology, Babylon, Iraq

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