The Role of Rotavirus in Exacerbated Ulcerative Colitis

  • Rawaa Ali1, Ghanim Aboud Jaber A-Mola2
Keywords: Ulcerative colitis, Exacerbation, Rotavirus, Cer-test, PCR.


The Ulcerative colitis disease course is characterized by exacerbations and remissions. Studies of the role
of viral composition within patients with changing disease activity are currently deficient. The rotavirus
gastroenteritis is an important cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. This study aimed to identify
the associated role of Rotavirus during exacerbation of ulcerative colitis. A Fifteen (50) stool and biopsy
samples from patients with exacerbated colitis were collected at different age groups and gender. These
samples were taken from Morjan Hospital Consultant Gastroenterology and Liver Center, and the lmam
Sadiq Hospital during the period from October to April 2019. The stool samples were screened for Rotavirus
by using Rapid CERtest Rotavirus Kit,PCR The occurrences of UC and age revealed that the age group <25
year show ten with UC 83% followed by the age group (26-35) which give seven with UC 70%. The relation
between existence of UC and gender shown that the positive among male were (20) of patients UC 71%
while negative (8) among female the positive were 17 (77%)the results statistically non- significant. The
frequency of rotavirus positivity during exacerbated UC as tested by Rapid CER test at different age group
the results gives (23) positive samples for Rotavirus 46% and negative (27) 54%. The Rotavirus existence
in stool of patients with positive biopsy for ulcerative colitis by using chromatography test revealed that the
number of positive were 20 out of 50 at a rate of 40%. While the RT-PCR product analysis of VP4 gene in
Rotavirus from in RNA extracted from stool patients samplesthe positive were 24 out of 50 with rate of 48%.

Author Biography

Rawaa Ali1, Ghanim Aboud Jaber A-Mola2

1M.Sc. Student, 2Prof. Dr., University of Babylon, College of Science for Women, Department of Biology

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