Retina Image and Bat-Inspird Algorithm for Artificial Key Generation

  • Mohammed JasimRidha1, Ali Hussein Fadil2
Keywords: Retina Image, Bat-Inspired Algorithm (BIA), Keys generation, images encryption


The process of key generation is utilized in different applications based on encryption techniques. The
characteristics of the generated key should satisfy the required security as potential. The traditional
techniques used for generating keys are based on various equations based on chaos maps or modulation for
making these keys as one-time pads. Also, there are many techniques that utilized the block cipher or hash
function for generating keys. In this paper, a retina image and bat-inspired algorithm are used for generating
secure keys. Several processes have been applied to the input retina images like enhancement and edge
detection processes. In the proposed technique, some parameters are adjusted for controlling the results and
every output represents a bat solution and depending on the fitness function, the keys are generated. These
generated keys are tested and evaluated using NIST tests. As a case study, some images are encrypted using
the generated keys and the obtained encrypted images passed all the required security tests.

Author Biography

Mohammed JasimRidha1, Ali Hussein Fadil2

1Lecturer,College of Basic Education, Almustansiriayh University, 2Lecturer, Presidency University,
University of Diyala

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