Effects of Health Perception, Generativity and Wisdom on Job Competency of Korean Care Workers

  • Hee Kyung Kim1, Cheol Hee Park2, Nan Young Lee3
Keywords: Health perception, Generativity, Wisdom, Job competency, Care workers


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to produce fundamental materials for nursing intervention development
for care workers’ job competency enhancement by analyzing impact of care workers’ health perception,
generativity and wisdom on job competency.
Method: Data was collected by means of self-report questionnaire with ethical considerations from 116
care workers at two nursing homes and one care worker center in D Borough in D City, two nursing homes
in J Borough and one nursing home in S Borough. The collected data was then analyzed by frequency
scale, mean, standard deviation, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson correlational coefficients and stepwise multiple
Results: The care workers’ health perception scored 3.86 points out of 5 points, generativity scored 2.75
points out of 4 points and wisdom scored 3.49 points out of 5 points and job competency scored 3.79
points out of 5 points. The job competency of care workers was a moderate positive correlation with health
perception (r=.49, p<.001), generativity (r=.34, p<.001), wisdom (r=.47, p<.001). The health perception
(β=.346, p<.001) of care workers had a significant influence on job competency. Health perception, wisdom
and work experience of care workers explained 39.6% of job competency.
Conclusion: Care workers should be provided with environmental and institutional strategies for constant
service provision without career disruption. Job competency affected by care workers’ health, wisdom
and work experience, therefore, regular check-up and spur for maintenance of good health are required, in
addition to constant refresher and capability enhancement education for extended wisdom on caring and life
in daily lives. On top of that, a capability management program should be developed in consideration of the
said factors. Job competency increased in proportion to work years in elder caring, therefore, institutional
management of manpower is needed in policy-level.

Author Biography

Hee Kyung Kim1, Cheol Hee Park2, Nan Young Lee3

1Professor, 2Master Degree Student, 3Lecturer, Department of Nursing,
Kongju National University, Gongju, South Korea

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