Estimation of Stature from Footprint Length


  • Janarthanan R1 , Muthamizh Selvan2



Stature; Foot print length; Identification.


The human foot is studied for various reasons in forensic departments, by anthropologists, anatomists etc.

Footprints are of immense value in a crime scene in establishing the personal identity and in a potential

link between the perpetrator and the scene of crime. Identification of a person is of prime and foremost

importance in both civil and criminal cases. Time is a critical factor in crime scene investigation, so rapid

identification of suspect is very important. Here, in our study, the aim is to estimate the stature of individuals

based on their footprint lengths among the students (Both male and female students between the age group

18 to 22 years) 50 male and 50 female students, studying in Rajarajeswari Medical College and Hospital,

Bengaluru. that the footprint length help us in estimating the stature of an unknown individual which will

be helpful in investigation of various crimes. Also not much difference is statistically noted in the stature

estimated by right and left footprint length in both the sexes.

Author Biography

Janarthanan R1 , Muthamizh Selvan2

1 Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, Vinayaka Mission’s Medical College & Hospital, Karaikal,

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, Mahathma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences and

Research, Pondicherry



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Janarthanan R1 , Muthamizh Selvan2. (2020). Estimation of Stature from Footprint Length. Medico Legal Update, 20(3), 91-95.

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