Awareness of Various Forms of Treatment Approaches in Stroke amongst Rural Population


  • Prajakta S.Kadam1 , Suraj B.Kanase2



stroke, awareness, treatment approaches.


Background: Stroke is one of the leading cause for mortality and disability. As a medical emergency,

timely and appropriate treatment is necessary to save the life and disabilities in patients. Based on the

impairments and clinical outcomes of the disease its awareness on knowledge about the condition and

treatment approaches should be done especially in rural population.

Objectives: 1. To study awareness about stroke 2. To study awareness of various forms of treatment

approaches in stroke amongst rural population

Material and Method: It is a questionnaire-based survey. 100 subjects participated in the survey. The

questionnaire was based on the awareness of treatment approaches. subjects with age 20 and above were

included in this study. After the reception of responses, data was analyzed with help of appropriate statistical


Results: Out of all respondents, 53% was female population and 47% was male population. Out of which

48 % of female population was aware about stroke and 5% females was unaware. 43% of male populations

was aware about stroke and 4%of male population was unaware. The treatment approaches preferred were

Medicine and physiotherapy.

Conclusion: In rural population, people are well aware about stroke but are less aware about various

treatment approaches used.

Author Biography

Prajakta S.Kadam1 , Suraj B.Kanase2

1Student, 2Associate Professor, Krishna College of Physiotherapy, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed to

be University, Karad, Maharashtra



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Prajakta S.Kadam1 , Suraj B.Kanase2. (2020). Awareness of Various Forms of Treatment Approaches in Stroke amongst Rural Population. Medico Legal Update, 20(3), 148-154.