Traumatic Spinal Injuries: An Autopsy Study at Tertiary Health Care Center of Rajasthan During the Year 2017-18


  • R.K.Punia1 , Sanjay Achra2



spine, cervical, vertebral injuries


Introduction: India is a developing country with traumatic fatalities is on the rise. Accurate injury profiles

are helpful in prevention strategies as well as clinical and community services for persons suffering trauma

especially of spinal region.

Aim & Objectives

Aim: To study the pattern of traumatic spinal injuries observed in medico-legal autopsies at S.M.S. Hospital,

Jaipur during the study period 2017-18


  1. To observe the pattern of traumatic spinal injuries.
  2. To observe survival pattern among the patients with soinal injuries
  3. To observe the demographic data of traumatic spinal injuries.

Material & Method: Descriptive type of observational study of autopsy conducted at Mortuary of

Department of Forensic Medicine, SMS Hospital, Jaipur from 1st April, 2017 to 31st March, 2018among

Bodies with spinal injuries brought for medicolegal study during study period

Observations: a total number of 150 autopsy cases were included in the study.

Out of 150 cases of traumatic spinal injuries, there were 132 males (88%) and 18 females (12%). Maximum

numbers of fatalities with spinal injuries were observed in 21-30 years age group (24.66%), there were

75.33% cases from rural regions unemployed (50.67%).

Majority of cases suffered fatality in one to seven days after the traumatic episode (41.33% cases). Road

traffic accidents were the major offenders (44.00%) in the present study followed by falls. Level of spinal

injury Mid cervical 53 (35.33%). Associated vertebral injuries seen along with spinal injuries as fractures of

vertebrae in 49.33% cases and fractures along with dislocations in another 49.33% cases.

Suggestions:- Male of earning age group should be target group for education and awareness of spinal

injuries prevention education. Mid cervical protection modalities should be deployed

Author Biography

R.K.Punia1 , Sanjay Achra2

1 Senior Professor & Former Head, Forensic Medicine SMS Medical College, Jaipur (Raj.), 2Sanjay Achara

Medical Officer, BDK Govt. Hospital, Jhunjhunu & Former M.D. Resident Forensic Medicine SMS Hospital,

Jaipur, (Raj.)



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