A Clinical Study of Complicated Inguinal Hernia with Special Reference to Its Management


  • Pulin Ch Kumar1 , Paul Pratik2




Pain; time lapsed; gangrenous resection anastomosis; herniorrhaphy.


Introduction: The complications of hernias are incarceration, strangulation, and bowel obstruction. The

reasons for the simple hernia to go into complications are of manyfold including lack of public awareness

of the dangers of hernia complications, etc. Therefore, evaluating the high-risk causes of the complicated

inguinal hernia and its effective management is very important in clinical practice. Materials and methods: It

was a hospital-based prospective observational study. Results: The complicated inguinal hernia was observed

with a male and female ratio of 24:1 and highest (30%) frequency in the age group of 50-60 years. The

right-sided involvement was seen in 33(66%) cases with more features of strangulation. The primary and

recurrent hernia was observed in 48(96 %) and 2(4 %) cases respectively. Complications are more in 35(70

%) cases with a short duration (<1 yr). The pain and irreducible groin swelling were seen in all 50(100%) of

cases. Viability of content as per intraoperative finding where gangrenous/strangulated bowel was found in

18(36%) cases. Reduction and Hernioplasty was done in

28(56) of cases. Conclusion: A systematic

evaluation of clinical features with early intervention help in the management of the cases effre3ctively to

reduce mortality and morbidity.

Author Biography

Pulin Ch Kumar1 , Paul Pratik2

1 Associate Professor, 2PGT, Department of General Surgery, Gauhati Medical College and Hospital,

Guwahati, Assam



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Pulin Ch Kumar1 , Paul Pratik2. (2020). A Clinical Study of Complicated Inguinal Hernia with Special Reference to Its Management. Medico Legal Update, 20(3), 279-283. https://doi.org/10.37506/mlu.v20i3.1410