Herpes Virus, Causes of Infections and Preventive Methods


  • Huynh Tan Hoi




Health, Herpes Viruses, Infections, Prevention.


Herpes simplex virus (HSV) usually has two groups, including HSV1 and HSV2. HSV1 often causes skin

and mucous membranes in the upper part of the body like the nose and mouth. HSV2 group causes skin

disease in the genital mucosa. This type of virus is quite common in our life today, has a great influence on

human health and needs certain attention. The paper was based on previous research as well as conducted

with the collected data from surveys of 40 patients infected with herpes simplex virus among 250 people

who were asked at two dermatology hospitals in southern Vietnam between March and April 2019. Thanks

to the analysis method developed by Hancock, this research aims to verify some causes of infecting herpes

simplex viruses, effective treatment methods as well as ways to prevent this kind of disease in order to

enhance common knowledge for the prosperity of human beings. Accordingly, some solutions have been

recommended with the purpose of making our world a better place to live.

Author Biography

Huynh Tan Hoi

FPT University, Innovation Building, District 12 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



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