Learning of Patient Identification in Patient Safety Programs Through Clinical Preceptor Models


  • Roymond H. Simamora




Identification of patient, Patient Safety, Model, Learning, Nurse, Preceptorship, Student


Clinical Preceptorship Learning Model is a learning model that is implemented in hospitals with guidance

supported by guidance, assistance for nursing students, who are currently educating in hospitals. A clinical

Preceptorship implementation model that will determine learning competence and also patient safety

planning. This research is a type of quantitative research with research. Data collection is done by collecting

and distributing questionnaires. Respond to 114 nursing students with total sampling techniques. Data

processed by the Spearman test. The results showed that the application of the clinical Preceptorship model

was expressed well (89.5%), and the application of patient safety learning was stated to be good (91.2%).

The p value of 0.024 shows the relationship between the clinical Preceptorship implementation model and

the implementation of the patient safety program and the OR value: 0.298. shows the strength of weak

relationships and the direction of positive interactions. Continuing Education Development for Preceptorship

Clinics is needed, through Training and also Certification so that the application of this Learning Model can

support the goals of nursing education, and the goals of nursing care services available in hospitals

Author Biography

Roymond H. Simamora

Faculty Of Nursing, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Jalan Prof. T. Ma. As. No 3. Medan Indonesia



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