Parkinson’s Disease Follow Up Self-Assessment Scale


  • Kifah K. Al- Ubaidy1 , Aiyar Shakir2 , Basim Abdulelah Ali2



health; patient; self-assessment scale; disease


Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative progressive disorder end with independency for many years at

late life, leading to great burden on patient and family life. The available treatment is symptomatic focused

on improving life quality of the patient and it’s in need for good communication with the physician.

So far there is no easy and practical way for follow up, thus we’ve designed the Parkinson’s disease follow

up self-assessment scale aiming to detect ON and OFF time, it’s include PD manifestations, medications and

medications adverse effects filled out by the patient family at home in order to mailing it to the physician,

and intend to testing it by comparing the performance of patient family with expert staff in using the scale at

hospital for 24 hours. Then enquiring about difficulty of using the same scale at home.

A 44 PD patient were completed the study. All items accuracy filling out was 93.4% in compare to expert

staff. Its mean degree of difficulty was 4/10 and among patients families only 29.54% consider it difficult to

use. The ON and OFF time was detected precisely in 92.2% by follow up physician. The proposed scale is

precise in detection ON an OFF time and not difficult to use.

Author Biography

Kifah K. Al- Ubaidy1 , Aiyar Shakir2 , Basim Abdulelah Ali2

1Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, Al-Qadisiyah University, Iraq.

2 Researcher/Neurologist. Al Diwaniyah Neurology Center, Iraq.



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Kifah K. Al- Ubaidy1 , Aiyar Shakir2 , Basim Abdulelah Ali2. (2020). Parkinson’s Disease Follow Up Self-Assessment Scale. Medico Legal Update, 20(3), 647-653.

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