Effects of Perceived Health Condition, Gerotranscendence, and Wisdom on Successful Aging of Elders


  • Hee Kyung Kim




Elderly, Successful aging, Perceived health condition, Gerotranscendence, Wisdom


Background/Objectives: The purpose of this study was to analyse the effect that perceived health condition,

gerotranscendence, and wisdom have on successful aging in elders. Methods/Statistical analysis: This

study is a descriptive survey design using a convenience sampling. The subjects of this study were 94 elders

between 65 years old or above. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, Pearson’s

correlation coefficient and multiple regression using the SPSS Win 23.0 program. Findings: Successful

aging of subjects had positive correlation with perceived health condition, gerotranscendence and wisdom.

As a result of conducting the stepwise regression analysis, the explanatory power of above 2 variables was

appeared to be 57.8% including wisdom (?=.713, p<.001) and monthly household income (? =.153, p=.032).

Improvements/Applications: As a plan to achieve the successful aging of the elders through the results of

this study, the government and local governments need to develop a nursing arbitration program for elders

to have wise lives in their daily lives and to make efforts to institutionalize the customized job creation

considering the ages and conditions of the elders so that they can raise monthly household incomes.

Author Biography

Hee Kyung Kim

Professor, Department of Nursing, Kongju National University, Republic of Korea



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Hee Kyung Kim. (2020). Effects of Perceived Health Condition, Gerotranscendence, and Wisdom on Successful Aging of Elders. Medico Legal Update, 20(3), 681-687. https://doi.org/10.37506/mlu.v20i3.1479

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