Effectiveness of Baby Spa and Music Therapy on Growth and Development of Baby


  • Sri Handayani1 , Anwar Mallongi2




Baby spa, music therapy, the growth and development of the baby


Providing a stimulus given shortly after the baby is born gives a very important effect for the development

of children. In the development of a child, stimulation is a basic need and also plays an important role to

develop. Dewanti,1 revealed that baby spa is one form of nonverbal communication that can be done by

the mother. This spa treatment is very beneficial for baby’s health and development. Infants who have been

treated with the spa will look fresh, healthy, vibrant and growth and development faster than infants who

never did at all spa.

In addition to the baby spa, music therapy is also one therapy that can stimulate thinking, improve

concentration and memory, and can improve the cognitive development of infants and children. Music

therapy is an effort to improve physical and mental quality with sound stimuli consisting of melodies,

rhythms, harmony, timbre, shapes and styles that are organized in such a way as to create useful music for

mental and mental health2.

This study was conducted to determine the development of infants through baby spa and music therapy,

and useful as a follow-up to improve the growth and development of the baby so that the maximum. The

population in this study is 6-12 months old baby with sampling using quota sampling technique with a

sample of 60 babies. Quantitative quasi-experimental research method with the only posttest with control

group design approach, where in the case group was given continuous intervention for 16 days while in

the control group only 1 interval was given at the beginning of the meeting, at the end of the study the

two groups will be measured the level and compared the results, with the General Linear Model Repeated

Measures (GLM RM) test.

The result showed that the average of the first measurement scores in the lower case group was slightly lower

than the control group that was 8.97 (SD = 0.928), while the mean score on the second measurement and

the third measurement in the case group was higher than the control group 9.53 (SD = 0.776) and 9.80 (SD

= 0.484). The result of the analysis with multivariate approach showed significant difference KPSP score

for growth and development on the third level of measurement (p-value <0,007). Multivariate analysis can

explain the variation of growth and development variable amount of 16,1%, there was a significant effect

difference between case group and control group in improving growth and development score (p-value

<0.000) amount of 44.7%.

Author Biography

Sri Handayani1 , Anwar Mallongi2

1Lecturer of Department Of Midwifery, Health Polytechinic Jakarta 1, 2 Professor of Department of Environmental

Health, Faculty of Public Health, Hasanuddin University, Makassar



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