Postoperative Hypothermia in Surgical Patients at Azadi Teaching Hospital


  • Anas Amer Mohammad1, Mehvan Jameel Ahmed2 ,



core temperature, hypothermia, anesthesia, post-operation.


Introduction: The sensation to cold, shake occurrence and shivering are events that are commonly

developed following general anesthesia administration postoperatively. Hypothermia has been considered as

the most frequent outcome of surgery underwent by anesthesia. Inadvertent hypothermia has been taken into

account as common side effect in the postoperative period immediately and it is related to wide impairments

and anomalies of different body organs. Concentration on predictive factors of hypothermia would be

important to reduce the incidence rate and correct preventable unnecessary risks for patients in the health

settings following surgical operations. The aim of study is to assess the magnitude and associated factors of

postoperative hypothermia recovery room in patients underwent general anesthesia. Methods: A hospital

based prospective cross-sectional study was conducted on200patients with different age groups of both

genders who underwent a scheduled non-cardiac surgery and general anesthesia consecutively during the

period between the October 1stand the November1st2016. Results: The study revealed that the overall core

hypothermia in the study sample was31%. The study showed that the post-operative temperatures decreased

statistically significantly in all study patients and separately in adults, children, males, or females P<0.001.

The study also revealed that the operation duration(p=0.045)and pre-operative temperature P<0.001were

predictors of post-operative hypothermia in study sample. Conclusions: The incidence of hypothermia

among study sample was not so high. A significant reduction in core body temperature of patients between pre

and post-operation times was found. Those patients with longer operation duration, lower room temperature,

and lower pre-operative temperature were at more risk of post-operative hypothermia.

Author Biography

Anas Amer Mohammad1, Mehvan Jameel Ahmed2 ,

1 F.I.B.M.S anaesthesia & intensive care, ass. Prof. university of Dohok /Iraq, 2 diploma of anaesthesia, Dohok

medical director/Iraq.



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