Evaluation of Students’ Self–management and Academic Achievement in the University of Baghdad


  • Basima J. Jasim




Evaluation, Comparison, Self-management, Academic Achievement, University of Baghdad.


Objective(s): To evaluate university students’ self-management and academic achievement; to compare

between these students relative to their self-management and academic achievement; and to determine the

relationships between these students’ self-management, academic achievement and their socio-demographic

characteristics in the University of Baghdad. For the period of November 2nd 2018 to May 30th 2019.

Methods: A descriptive design, using the evaluation and comparison approaches, is employed throughout

the study. Two self-evaluation questionnaires are constructed for the purpose of the presents study. Content

validity and internal consistency reliability are determined for the study instruments through a pilot study.

A non-probability, purposive sample, of (80) university students is selected from the Medical Colleges,

College of Engineering, College of Sciences and College of Education in the University of Baghdad. Data

are collected through the use of the study instruments and the structured interview technique as means for

data collection for the period of February 21st 2019 to March 20th 2019. Data are analyzed through the

application of the descriptive statistical data analysis approach which includes frequency, percentage, mean,

total score and range and inferential statistical data analysis approach of Analysis of Variance and Multiple

Linear Regression.

Results: The study depicts that most of the college students experience fair to good level of self-management

and good level of academic achievement.

Conclusion: The study concludes that students do not present differences in their self-management and

academic achievement. Self-management is affected by students’ gender and education and academic

achievement is influenced by students’ socioeconomic status

Author Biography

Basima J. Jasim

Instructor, Al-Kindy College of Medicine, University of Baghdad



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