Effect of Omega-3 on Induced Cutaneous Wounds Healing in Rabbits


  • Falah Mahmood Hameed




omega3, wounds healing, rabbits,


The present study was designed to evaluate the effects of omega3 on full-thickness cutaneous wounds healing

in rabbits. All animals were created wound (1.5 cm2) full-thickness in dorsal back region in (16) male adult

rabbits, clinically healthy weighing from (1.3- 1.8 kg). Under the effect of intramuscular administration

of a mixture of xylazine hydrochloride 5mg/kg with ketamine hydrochloride 35mg/kg of and 1 mg/kg of

Diazepam. The treatment group was given 300 mg of omega3 orally daily with single dose (group A), while

in group (B), the rabbits were left without treatment, as a control group. For clinical and histopathological

evaluation, each group was divided into four subgroups (two wounds/subgroup) on 3, 7, 14 and 21th days

post-wound creation and treatment. The result revealed, Clinically, the rate of wound healing was same in

all groups, no differences when section taken from the edge of the wounds. The results histopathologically,

shown the treated groups have greater cellularity with improved vasculature with the superiority of omega

3 -treated groups than those in untreated groups. Conclusion; the histopathologically and clinically results

confirmed that given effects of omega3 to the treated groups leads to enhance and develop of cutaneous

wound healing.

Author Biography

Falah Mahmood Hameed

Lecturer Assistant, Department of Surgery and Obstetrics, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Kerbala




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