IL-10(-1082 G/A) Gene Polymorphism in Iraqi Patients with Scabies


  • Amerah Abdel Hadi1 , Alaa Jawad Hassan2



Scabies, Interleukin-10. Genetic polymorphism


Scabies is one of a neglected parasitic disease. It causes complications that lead to inflammatory and

allergic immune response ,Cytokines play an important role in the pathogenesis and disease progression.

Various reports have implicated cytokine gene polymorphisms in susceptibility to develop some immune

mediated conditions, The purpose of this study was to investigate the association of interleukin -10(IL-10)

gene polymorphism with the scabies risk and its effect on IL-10 production . The results revealed that a

significant increase (P?0.05) in levels of IL-10 in patients groups compared with healthy group, also the

data found that a statistically higher IL-10 serum levels among carriers of the G allele (G/A heterozygotes or

G/G homozygotes vs. A/A homozygotes) in the –1082 G/A IL-10 polymorphism in both scabietic patients

and control groups .The frequencies of genotypes GG and GA of IL-10 (1082 G/A) polymorphism were

significantly increased(P?0.05) , whereas genotype AA was decreased in patients than the healthy subjects

.IL-10 (1082 G/A) polymorphism was associated with the susceptibility of scabies, thus giving additional

support for the genetic basis of this disease

Author Biography

Amerah Abdel Hadi1 , Alaa Jawad Hassan2

1 Ph.D. Student, 2Prof .Dr., Department of Biology, College of Sciences, University of Babylon, Iraq



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Amerah Abdel Hadi1 , Alaa Jawad Hassan2. (2020). IL-10(-1082 G/A) Gene Polymorphism in Iraqi Patients with Scabies. Medico Legal Update, 20(3), 1361-1367.