Experiencing Foster Care-Happiness and Wellbeing of Institutionalised Children


  • Saleena.M1 , Suja M.K2




Experience, foster care,happiness,wellbeing,institutionalised children.


The institutionalised children are the most vulnerable group in our society and they show many problems.To

improve institutionalized children’s protection there is an urgent need to understand the various issues faced

by them and find out remedial measures.To ensure the care and protection of institutionalised children,the

Kerala state government has launched foster care scheme under the department of women and child

development.This study is based on the group discussion by researcher with the institutionalised children

who are experiencing foster care.

The objective of the study is to understand the foster care experience of institutionalised children and

also understand their happiness and wellbeing during the period of foster caring.The researcher selected

focus group discussion method for collecting data.Researcher made two focus group discussion with

institutionalised children who are experiencing foster care.The group include six girls and another group

contain seven boys. Hence the total respondents were thirteen in number

Result and Conclusion:The experience of foster care children from foster families are very positive.They

are satisfied with the care,love and facilities which are provided by their foster parents and sibilings.The

children can transform their lives during the foster care period.Many children have the wish to return their

foster family.

Author Biography

Saleena.M1 , Suja M.K2

1 PhD scholar, 2Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore,

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham India



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