Empathy and Interpersonal Relationship among Institutionalized Children


  • Jincy V.V1 , Suja M.K2




Empathy, Interpersonal relationship, Institutionalized children.


Background: The arena of child vulnerability is taking complex shapes in the new socio-cultural situations

.Institution children are those who deserve special care and attention in order to fulfil their basic and

secondary needs both with equal importance, which later on make an impact if it’s not satisfied. As humans

are called as social being there are some expected qualities which makes us to be connected with each other

in appositive way both in family and society. Empathy thus makes the people to be connected which further

leads to form an interpersonal relationship.

Aim: The aim of the study was to assess the level of empathy among the participants and to assess the level

of interpersonal relationship also the correlation between empathy and interpersonal relationship among

institutionalised children,

Materials and Methods: A total of 214 subjects aged 12-18 years were selected for study based on lottery

method of Simple random sampling. The study was based on the Questions pertaining to socio-demographic

profile of age, gender, mother tongue ,good friendship in the institution, educational qualification, situation

before being in the institution ,interest in education and time period for being in the institution. The data

collection was done in an interview schedule. The standardised tool used in the study was, the Self-esteem

scale developed Life Skills Assessment Scale (LSAS) by A.Radhakrishnan Nair, R.Subasree & Sunitha Rajan.

Results: The result shows that there is significant difference between the variable, having good friendship

in the institution and Empathy also there is a positive correlation between Empathy and Interpersonal

relationship.Conclusion: The result led to a conclusion that both empathy and interpersonal relationship

has a common feature as both has difference in level of measurement among children by analysing its level

through different socio demographic variables also there is a correlation between Empathy and Interpersonal


Author Biography

Jincy V.V1 , Suja M.K2

1 PhD Scholar, 2Associate professor, Department of Social Work, Amrita School of Engineering,

Coimbatore, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham , India



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