Physiotherapy Students Willingness to Report Misconduct to Protect the Patient’s Interests in Chennai


  • D. Malarvizhi1 , Bhagya Lakshmi K.2 , Hariharan S.2



Ethics, Students, Physiotherapy, Misconduct, Ethical dilemma


Background: Applying the ethics in practice is more essential than just learning it. Any sought of misconduct
to the patient is not just an ethical issue but it will also degrade the professionalism and it brings a sense of
insecurity in patients and this will slow down the progress of treatment. So it is not only important to avoid
the ethical issues and misconduct but it is also necessary to stand against ethical issues that happen within the
organization that may done by colleagues or higher authorities without any dilemma. OBJECTIVE: This
study aims to find out the difficulties and dilemmas of the physiotherapist in ethical decision making and
disclosing the misconduct of their colleagues without any hesitation. METHODOLOGY: A close ended
questionnaire was used to assess the willingness of the student physiotherapist to expose the misconduct
which might be an internal or external disclosure. The questionnaire consisted of two clinical scenarios
which were most likely to arise in a work place. Each scenario consisted of 5 questions that rated the severity,
likelihood of confronting, internal disclosure, external disclosure to the association and external disclosure
to media. The scoring was based on five point likert scale. It was a study that was done with convenient
sampling method. The questionnaire was given to 100 Physiotherapy students in Chennai of both the sexes
who were willing to participate in the study.RESULT: From the statistical analysis, there is a significant
difference obtained for the likelihood of reporting the manager’s misconduct than colleague’s misconduct.
Also their willingness to report internally within the organization is greater than that of reporting externally
to the association and to the media.CONCLUSION: Ethics being a part of Physiotherapy curriculum, these
students have well understood the ethical and professional behavior and have good ethical acceptance.
Hence we conclude that the students do understand the seriousness of any misconduct of a therapist to the
patient and are willing to expose any misconduct they encounter to the internal or external environment.

Author Biography

D. Malarvizhi1 , Bhagya Lakshmi K.2 , Hariharan S.2

Prof. Dean, 2BPT IV YEAR Student, SRM College of Physiotherapy, SRM Institute of Science and Technology,
Kattankulathur, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu, India



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D. Malarvizhi1 , Bhagya Lakshmi K.2 , Hariharan S.2. (2021). Physiotherapy Students Willingness to Report Misconduct to Protect the Patient’s Interests in Chennai. Medico Legal Update, 21(1), 198-201.