Strengthen the Authoritative Function of the Regional Representative Councils in Legislation


  • I Gusti Bagus Suryawan



Legal Reconstruction, Function, Regional Representative Council, Legislation.


The existence of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) in the constitutional structure in Indonesia
can strengthen the parliamentary system which in turn can strengthen democracy. The substance of regional
representation in the DPD is the accommodation of regional interests which is guaranteed constitutionally
and elaborated with laws and regulations. This study is to analyze the reconstruction of DPD’s regulatory
functions in the fields of legislation, supervision and consideration. The regulation of DPD functions in the
field of legislation, supervision, must be reconstructed in the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia
with the formulation of “legislative and oversight power exercised by the DPR and DPD” which is to replace
the regulation of the DPD function in the legislative field which is limited to filing bills and participating in
discussions at level I, but do not have authority for the decision making stage. Also the DPD does not have
a supervisory function, because the DPD cannot follow up on the results of supervision and the follow-up
to the results of supervision is a political and legal determination by the DPR (House of Representatives).

Author Biography

I Gusti Bagus Suryawan

Lecturer at Warmadewa University, Indonesia



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I Gusti Bagus Suryawan. (2021). Strengthen the Authoritative Function of the Regional Representative Councils in Legislation. Medico Legal Update, 21(1), 351-354.

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