Variation in Sleep Pattern Due to Lockdown among Collegiate Students


  • Manisha Bhandari1 , Rabab Kaur2



Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, Coronavirus, Lockdown, sleep pattern, college students.


Background: Due to the vast spread of corona virus, lockdown was announced in many countries, and
hence many people are facing psychological, physical, economic and social changes. Students at the college
experience a variety of sleep problems which can have a direct effect on academic success, health and mood.
Sleep disruption and excessive daytime sleep are common problems for students.
Subject and Method: 141 college students between the age of 17 to 24 were taken from various colleges.
The structured Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index was used and was circulated amongst students through Google
forms and the sleep log, and demographic sheet was used to test sleep length, daytime sleepiness and related
sleep issues.
Study Design: A cross sectional study.
Results: The result, on the basis of the sleep pattern of college students, was classified into 5 categories:
(healthy sleep pattern, mild, moderate, severe and worst). 53.90% out of 141 respondents o had healthy sleep
pattern range (0-5), 39.71% had mild sleep pattern range (6-10), 4.96% out of 141 respondents had moderate
sleep pattern range (11-15), and 1.41% out of 141 respondents had severe sleep pattern range (16-20).
Conclusion: In our study we found that during the lockdown majority of college students had a healthy
sleep pattern and least of the college students had a severe sleep pattern range.

Author Biography

Manisha Bhandari1 , Rabab Kaur2

1Student, Galgotias University, 2Assistant Professor, Galgotias University, Plot No. 2, Yamuna Expy,
Opposite, Buddha International Circuit, Sector 17A, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 203201



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