Perception of Successful Aging in Nursing Students


  • Mihyeon Seong



Nursing students, Successful Aging, Q method, Subjectivity


The purpose of this study is to apply Q methodologies to identify and understand the type of successful aging
perception in nursing students. The study organized the Q population through in-depth interviews to select
21 Q samples that could represent the Q population by coordination with two professors and researchers
familiar with the Q methodology, and 49 nursing students were selected as P-samples. The data collection
was about three months from September 10, 2020 to September 17, 2020 and was analyzed using the PQ
Method Program. According to this study, nursing students perception of successful aging was divided into
four types: Type 1 “capitalism type,” Type 2 “Self-esteem type,” Type 3 “Adaptive type,” Type 4 “Stable
type”. As a result of this study, the four types of nursing students recognized health, leisure, economic
power, and self-esteem. This study, understanding of each type of subjective aspect should be enhanced,
and a wide range of insights should be provided so that nursing students can establish a value system of
humanity and nursing professions in the undergraduate program in the future. In addition, it is expected that
it will be used as a basic material for nursing education that can grow into a nurse who can meet the national
expectations as a health care manager for the elderly through education that can develop the ability to cope
with various problems faced in the nursing field.

Author Biography

Mihyeon Seong

Department of Nursing, Changshin University. Assistant Professor, RN, MSN, PhD



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Mihyeon Seong. (2021). Perception of Successful Aging in Nursing Students. Medico Legal Update, 21(1), 543-551.