New Treatment for Regular Astigmatism Using Physical Exercises


  • Mundher Sameen Shuker



Regular Astigmatism, Physical Exercises, New Treatment, Visual Acuity, Astigmatism Treatment.


Introduction: Regular Astigmatism is one of the most common problems for the eye; it makes a patient
unable to see things clearly. Therefore, the aim of the study estimates the incidence of regular astigmatism
among age group (10-32) years by using physical exerciser in the college of health and medical technology.
We perform therapeutic exercises in an applied scientific way to activate the towed eye muscles by the
pulled during treatment sessions to get rid of regular astigmatism and improve vision without the use of
glasses or surgery to patients.
Materials and Method: The method used in this study was a cross-sectional analysis of 100 cases (51
males) (49 females) with different types of astigmatism through physical exercise. The data analysed using
the SPSS package program.
Results: We found the compound astigmatism (58%) is higher than simple astigmatism (33%), as well as
the compound astigmatism is higher than mixed astigmatism (13%). Also, we found to improve in (90%)
patients treatment for continuous exercise as requested by the therapist.
Conclusion: This study that most patients of Astigmatism were compound and improvement in 90% of
cases treatment by physical exercise and did not need to use any glasses to read during the examination and
get ‘Visual Acuity’ VA=6/6.

Author Biography

Mundher Sameen Shuker

Assist Prof., Department of Optics Technology, College of Health and Medical Technology, Middle Technical
University, 10047 Bab Al Muadham, Baghdad, Iraq



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