The Effect of Environmental Factors on the Enzyme Production of Aeromonas Hydrophila Isolates


  • Hawraa Natiq Kabroot AL-Fatlawy



A. hydrophila, ph, Temperature, the Environmental factors, Enzymes production.


The current study demonstrates that the effect of some the environmental factors on enzymes production that
included (heamolysin, protease, lipase and phospholipase enzymes) of A.hydrophila. The present study included
the detection of A.hydrophilain some clinical cases and environmental sources in the governorate of AL-Najaf,
(159) Clinical samples were taken from patients suffering from various infection at Al-Sadder Medical City and AlZahraa Educational Hospital during the period from October 2011 to March 2012. Also, (92) Environmental samples
were involve three different of environmental regions(Kufa river, Bahar Najaf and tap water) .A.hydrophila isolates
which were diagnosed by four method as (Culture method, biochemical tests, Api20E system and Polymerase chain
reaction (PCR)). The results show that the optimal production of enzymes at temperature (37ºC) and pH (7) for
clinical. While (22 and 37ºC) and pH (7 and 9), for environmental isolates. Some clinical and environmental isolates
containing heamolysingene were tested Ligated Ileal intestinal of rabbit. The results indicate that the gene(hyl) was
responsible for the pathogenicity of A.hydrophila, whereas causes accumulation of fluids in comparison with control
positive (V.cholera) which caused accumulation of fluids and control negative (Normal saline).

Author Biography

Hawraa Natiq Kabroot AL-Fatlawy

Ph.D. Dr. Academic (Molecular Genetics) in Dep. of Medical Laboratory Techniques,
Al-Toosi University College, Najaf, IRAQ.



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Hawraa Natiq Kabroot AL-Fatlawy. (2021). The Effect of Environmental Factors on the Enzyme Production of Aeromonas Hydrophila Isolates. Medico Legal Update, 21(1), 1043-1050.