Distinguish between two Species of streptococcus by sk gene


  • Rawaa Kh. Mohammed1 , Harith K. Buinya2




Sk gene, Streptokinase, Streptococcus


This study aims at the possibility of using the sk gene encoding the Streptokinase protein to differentiate
between the different species belonging to the genus Streptococcus which can produce this protein., 12
bacterial isolates belonging to the genus Streptococcus were obtained, and by using thecaseinolytic assay
test, all the studied isolates gave a positive result with different clear zone diameters around the wells. DNA
was then extracted from the isolated bacteria and used as a template for the amplification of the sk gene using
specific primers for the gene. The 1300 bp was amplified as PCR product comparing them with the DNA
ladder. The target gene was obtained from of S. pyogenes and S. dysgalactiae subsp. equisimilis. . The result
was confirmed by identifying the gene sequences and comparing it with the database in NCBI, which showed
a similarity of more than 98% and the percentage of similarity between the genes of the different species
was more than 99%. The sk gene for both species were digested with BtgZI and MboII restriction enzymes.
The results of the agarose gel electrophoresis showed that the gene belonging to the S. pyogenes possesses
restriction sites for BtgZI restriction enzymes that differ in location from that of the S. dysgalactiae subsp.
equisimilis. Where the bundles appeared in different locations, which means that the location and number
of restriction sites differ between the two types, and this feature can be used to differentiate between them.

Author Biography

Rawaa Kh. Mohammed1 , Harith K. Buinya2

1M.Sc. Student, 2Assist. Prof., Department of Biology/College of Education for Pure Sciences/
University of Anbar/Anbar-IRAQ



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Rawaa Kh. Mohammed1 , Harith K. Buinya2. (2021). Distinguish between two Species of streptococcus by sk gene. Medico Legal Update, 21(1), 1493-1498. https://doi.org/10.37506/mlu.v21i1.2533