Application of Fractional Co2 Laser Modification of PEEK in Dental Implants, In vivo Study


  • Nahida Zahir Kamil1 , Basima Mohammed Ali Hussein2



PEEK, Laser, SE, implants, Co2.


This study aimed to Modify the PEEK surface using Fractional CO2 laser in different range of parameters
to change the surface topography regarding roughness and wettability to enhance osseointegration. A PEEK
block (Ceramill PEEK 98X20 N -JUVORA dental innovations, UK) was used to prepare substrate. By CADCAM system, PEEK was cut into discs (2 mm thickness and 10 mm diameter). the discs were smoothed by
silicon carbide paper of 500 grit and a rotation motion, polishing machine at 200 rpm for one minute used
to polish the discs, finally cleaned with ethanol alcohol using ultrasonic cleaner. Different parameters were
tested to study their effects on PEEK surface; therefore, several trails were done using Fractional CO2 laser
device. Surfaces of the irradiated PEEK discs were examined microscopically at different magnification
power. Then SEM was used. Then, PEEK samples were scanned by (EDS). Range of powers were used (2,
4, 6, 8, 10, 12) W The distance between spots was 0.2mm and 0.2 ms pulse duration to ensure maximum
coverage of laser effect. The energy range was (4 - 25) which was n’t enough to produce any effect. To test
the effect of pulse duration different values were also studied starting from 0.2ms then increase the pulse
duration. 0.4,0.6,0.8 ms to increase the energy per pulse accordingly. Starting from short pulse duration
up to 0.6ms there was no effect even when the power increased. At 0.8 ms pulse duration, the effect was
recognized on the specimen surface. The collected data of previous trials direct the operator to reduce pulse
duration to have best criteria, including surface roughness, wettability, without carbonization or cracks.
Conclusions: Successful modification of PEEK surface can be done with fractional CO2 laser. Laser
parameters as power, pulse duration, distance between spotes and number of scans are key factors induced
different range of effect considering material’s properties.

Author Biography

Nahida Zahir Kamil1 , Basima Mohammed Ali Hussein2

1M.Sc. Student, 2Assist. Prof., University of Baghdad, Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Study



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Nahida Zahir Kamil1 , Basima Mohammed Ali Hussein2. (2021). Application of Fractional Co2 Laser Modification of PEEK in Dental Implants, In vivo Study. Medico Legal Update, 21(1), 1548-1552.