Determining the Endpoint of Sediment Titrations by Smartphones


  • Muhaned Mohammed Eteya



Image Processing, Sulphate determination, Precipitation reaction


In this research work, we have used the image processing technique for determining the end of sodium
sulphate with standard barium chloride in precipitation titration. The white precipitate of barium sulphate
produced by the reaction of barium chloride and sodium sulphate was dispersed in deionized water by
magnetic stirrer and its images were taken by mobile phone camera. The resulting pictures were analyzed by
Photoshop Software which shows that the intensity of magenta colour has maximum sensitivity by changing
the mass of barium sulphate. Therefore; magenta colour was selected as the optimum colour. Also, to depict
the calibration curve of sulphate anion, different concentrations of sulphate were prepared in buffered
solutions and by addition of barium chloride to them, the intensity of magenta colour was calculated. The
results show that the calibration curve was linear in the range of 5-75 mg.L-1 of sulpahte with a correlation
coefficient of 0.973. Finally, by titration of different real samples such as Tap, river and mineral waters
containing sulphate anion with standard barium chloride, the variation of magenta colour was recorded and
the concentration of sulpahte anion was determined.

Author Biography

Muhaned Mohammed Eteya

Assistant Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Thi-Qar Education Directorate, Thi-Qar, Iraq.



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Muhaned Mohammed Eteya. (2021). Determining the Endpoint of Sediment Titrations by Smartphones. Medico Legal Update, 21(1), 1665-1670.