Big Data Analysis for Child Well-being on Academic Research


  • Jung-ho Bae1, Eunae Burm2



Child Well-being,child wellness, big data, child development, child education, child play, phenomenological manner.


Background/Objectives: This study is to examine the well-being of child in the world of child’s life such as development, education, and play in a phenomenological manner.
Method/Statistical Analysis: We based data collected through educational and academic information sources (RISS) search as big data, and analyzed the keywords and the network analyzed by the ‘well-being’, ‘wellness” and ‘Chamsari’ keywords. The frequency, ranking, and connection of the keywords were analyzed through the process of processing the collected unstructured text into the data suitable for research and analysis.
Findings: This study tried to reveal the reality of child well-being through phenomenological perspective based on the understanding of experts about child well-being through academic big data analysis. The results of the study showed that psychological themes such as activities, body, emotion, subjectivity, and psychology were highly linked with child’s well-being. Child who live well in the phenomenological attitude exhibition were distinguished from adults and they were justifying adult control and intervention by refracting them as immature beings. In addition, it points out that the uniqueness of individual existence undermines the originality of the existing child, and furthermore, it can realize the child’s disaster by expanding the unique life style of the child’s existence by the advancement of the fusion of expression through the subjective expression of the unique individual existence experienced by the child, and the dialogue based on the ethics with the other.
Improvements/Applications: This study suggests that the ideological foundation of living and human public service should be prepared.

Author Biography

Jung-ho Bae1, Eunae Burm2

1Professor, Baekseok Culture University, Department of Childhood Education, Korea,
2Professor, Baekseok Culture University, Department of Nursing, Korea



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Jung-ho Bae1, Eunae Burm2. (2020). Big Data Analysis for Child Well-being on Academic Research. Medico Legal Update, 20(1), 2058-2062.