Prevalence of Depression among type 2 Diabetic Patients attending at Primary Health Care Centres Buraidah, Qassim Province, Saudi Arabia


  • Sohail Ali Alqarawi
  • Chandra Sekhar Kalevaru



Type 2 Diabetes; Depression; Patient Health Questionnaire; Diabetic complications; Family history of depression.


Background: Chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes can play a major role in mental health ant its spectrum.
Recent studies have been shown that the diabetes can increase the risk of depression which could lead to poor selfcare
and adverse outcomes among the patients.
Methodology: A cross sectional study was conducted among the patients attending primary health care centres
and simple random technique was applied among the 250 participants for the sample recruitment through self
administered questionnaire. Results: In the present study, about 43.2% were having depression based on self
reported patient health questionnaire (PHQ-9) and majority people had mild depression (29.2%). Depression
among the type 2 diabetes was significantly associated with female gender, primary education, unemployed and
widow (P<0.05). Logistic regression analysis was done, diabetic neuropathy and family history of depression
was significantly associated with depression among type 2 diabetes patients.(P-0.001, P-0.004 consecutively).
Conclusions: Based on the study results, there was increase prevalence of depression was noticed. This could
be due to PHQ-9 tool, also self administered questionnaire and self reported participants. Health promotional
measures to be strengthened.

Author Biographies

Sohail Ali Alqarawi

R3 Resident, Family Medicine Academy, Qassim Health Cluster, Saudi Arabia.

Chandra Sekhar Kalevaru

Professor and Trainer, Family Medicine Academy, Qassim Health Cluster, Saudi Arabia.