Assessment of Post – COVID 19 Sequelae: A Retrospective Study


  • D. Celine
  • S.Suguna
  • M.Nishanth



Fatigue, Functional limitations, Post COVID functional status, Post COVID symptoms.


Background: COVID–19 is an acute respiratory illness caused by SARS–CoV–2. COVID-19
created a major impact on physical, cognitive, mental health and social status in patients with
SARS–CoV–2. Aim and Objective: To assess the post COVID sequelae in COVID19 recovered
individuals. To assess the functional limitations using post COVID functional status scale after
4weeks of onset of illness. Materials and Methods: Subjects were selected from compiled list of
Triage OP from Chengalpattu Medical College and Hospital. The semi structured questionnaire
enclosed with Socio – demographic details, physical and socio – psychological domains based on
COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Screening tool (C19-YRS) were assessed and the impact of
each domain was graded using a Likert scale. Post – COVID 19 functional status scale (PCFS)
to assess functional limitations was also sent through Google form and the details were collected.
Analysis: Collected data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel with descriptive statistics. Result:
1044 individuals participated in the study. On Assessment of post COVID sequelae fatigue was
major symptom reported followed by cough and other neuropsychiatric symptoms. 53.4% of
COVID recovered individuals had functional limitations and 2.4% of these individuals had severe
functional limitations and they require assistance for daily living. Conclusion: Most COVID–19
recovered individuals had persistence of some clinical symptoms. From PCFS it was observed
that 23% individuals had moderate to severe functional limitations, therefore early detection and
rehabilitation measures are recommended.

Author Biographies

D. Celine

Professor and Head, Department of Physiology, Chengalpattu Medical College, Chengalpattu.


Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology, Chengalpattu Medical College, Chengalpattu.


Post Graduate,Department of Physiology, Chengalpattu Medical College, Chengalpattu.




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D. Celine, S.Suguna, & M.Nishanth. (2022). Assessment of Post – COVID 19 Sequelae: A Retrospective Study. International Journal of Physiology, 10(2), 12–19.