Abortion Laws in India: Issues and Challenges in 21st Century


  • Nitesh Bhatt1 , Pooja Suman1




Abortion, Right to life, Health, Fundamental right, MTP Act, POSCO Act,


India is a nation which requires societal awakening in ample of affairs. The progress of a nation isn’t solitary

indomitable by fiscal eminence nevertheless by the in general wellbeing of its populace and consequently,

being a “developing country” necessitate communal development. There is prevalent ignominy enclosed to

abortion in the nation. The abortion law in India restrain the “reproductive autonomy” of women and the

provisions of the Act are being violative of the provisions of Constitution of India. Women subsequent to

passing of MTP Act are also performing unsafe abortions which have adverse effect on their wellbeing. For

that reason the legal status of abortion law need to be altered according to the current scenario. The research

paper intended at scrutinizing the Act and suggestion that the legislature ought to uphold while amending

the present Act.

Author Biography

Nitesh Bhatt1 , Pooja Suman1

1 Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Banasthali Vidyapith, P.O. Banasthali Vidyapith




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