Health Education Influence the Maybrat’s Women Early Cancer Cervical Detection


  • Yowel Kambu1 , Simon Lukas Momot1



health education, early detection, cervical cancer.


Until now, cervical cancer is still as the leading cause of the death of women worldwide. WHO was estimates

that cancer cases will rises sharply until 2030. Although the cervical cancer data of West Papua is the lowest

0.1% in Indonesia, especially in Sorong Raya region certainly wasn’t have the real data, but the iceberg

phenomenon is still continues to occur. The study aim was to determine the effect of health education toward

the early detection action of cervical cancer by the Maybrat’s Women. The research method used was quasi

experimental with one group pretest posttest approach using non-probability puposive sampling technique.

From the 30 participants were recruited based on inclusion criteria through the paired t test defined that there

was an influence of health education toward early cervical cancer prevention action by Maybrat’s Women at

Maybrat (p=0.011, ?<0.05). Health promotion of cervical cancer in Maybrat Regency should be strengthen

by the adequately funding encouragrment.

Author Biography

Yowel Kambu1 , Simon Lukas Momot1

1 The Lectures of nursing department of Polytechnic Health Ministry of Sorong, 98417, Papua Barat, Indonesia.




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Yowel Kambu1 , Simon Lukas Momot1. (2020). Health Education Influence the Maybrat’s Women Early Cancer Cervical Detection. Medico Legal Update, 20(3), 847–851.