Maternal Nutritional Status and Preterm Birth


  • Hind Abd Al-Rasoul Mughir1 , Basim Shanin Jasim2 , R.N .Kadhim Hussein Jassim3



nutritional status, preterm birth, status.


An optimal diet before and during pregnancy cannot guarantee a successful outcome of pregnancy; it can

improve the chance of a healthy newborn baby, a healthy mom, and a healthy future for both. A woman who

is well nourished and within her healthy weight range prior to conception provides an environment conducive

to normal fetal growth and development during the critical first trimester of pregnancy. Study design and

population. This study used data from the mothers and child care unit in health centers, a prospective cohort

study in central Al.Hillah designed to investigate the maternal dietary patterns during the second trimester

and risk factors for preterm birth. second trimester of pregnant women were recruited at 24–29 wk of

gestation from prenatal clinics at the MCH Services Department.

Stratified and randomly selected out-patient clinics between Jan 2016 and April 2017. All participants gave

written informed consent at the time of recruitment. Data were collected via interviews and self-administered

questionnaires, including an MNA to collect dietary information. Socio-demographic information and

health behaviors were collected via interviews. during the first 6 mo of pregnancy was collected from self

administered questionnaires. pregnancy BMI was based on height measured at the first prenatal clinic visit

and self-reported pregnancy weight. Missing pregnancy weight was imputed on the basis of the first prenatal

care visit (19). Total of (50) pregnant women were enrolled into the PIN study. Only pregnancies with

complete dietary information were included in this study (n = 50).

Data analyses the related data by using SPSS 23.0 software program. A level of P < 0.05 was considered

statistically signifificant. Characteristics of the intervention group and comparison group were compared

using t-tests for continuous variables and ?2-tests for categorical variables. Most of the sample (44.9%) had

(21-26) years aged,(36.7%) with (56-66 kg ) body weight and (42.9% ) had 140-150 cm ) body height

Author Biography

Hind Abd Al-Rasoul Mughir1 , Basim Shanin Jasim2 , R.N .Kadhim Hussein Jassim3

1 Diploma of Gynecology and Obstayric –M. B. ch. B-D.O.U.K, Babylon Health Directorate /Iraq,

2 D.M - D.R.CU - M.B.CH.P, Babylon Health Directorate /Iraq, 3 Babylon Health directorate /Iraq




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Hind Abd Al-Rasoul Mughir1 , Basim Shanin Jasim2 , R.N .Kadhim Hussein Jassim3. (2020). Maternal Nutritional Status and Preterm Birth. Medico Legal Update, 20(3), 1426–1430.

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